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This inspirational faith necklace is made by placing one single mustard seed into a 12mm bronze bezel, and pouring crystal clear resin over it. On to create a resin charm. Once it is cured, the musrtard seed is preserved forever. Waterproof, and not bothered by heat or cold.
My mother gave me a mustard seed necklace as a child, and I have always treasured it.It was her way of passing on a heritage of faith.  This mustard seed necklace is a reminder that with "Faith even as small as a Mustard seed", nothing is impossible" (Matthew 17:20). The tiny seed that, when planted, can grow into a tree represents the huge effect that the tiniest bit of faith can have in our world. This resin and bronze mustard seed necklace is a reminder of the power of that faith. 
It is a wonderful keepsake to hand down to children, to send to a friend who needs encouragement, or to celebrate an answer to prayer:)  A 14mm bezel contains one tiny mustard seed encased in glass-like, clear resin.
The bronze chain is 18"...dainty enough for dress, also perfect for a casual  t-shirt. This necklace comes gift wrapped in an earth-colored gift box with the scripture card included, as pictured.  It is decorated with your choice of gift wrap. Ships in 1-3 days. 

Mustard seed necklace, resin and bronze charm necklace

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