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Welcome to boomdyada

Why the name

"Boomdyada" ?


In honor of my mother,
who loved all things wild and beautiful:) 
She used to sing it all the time...
" I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills, I love the flowers, I love the daffodils, I love the fireside when all the lights are low...boomdyada, boomdyada, boomdyada, boomdyada..."
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Where We Are Located
332  4th St. NW
Canton, OH 44702

Times to Visit Our Storefront
Wed-Fri, 12-5
Sat, 10-3
The Best Way To Reach Us

What We Do

Boomdyada offers a wide range of handmade goods, workshops, and projects that are all earth-inspired.
From mustard seed jewelry to terrariums that we build together during a workshop, everything we do is meant to refresh, delight and inspire...

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Mustard Seed

Mentioned several times throughout the bible, the mustard seed is a symbol of faith. A tiny seed that grows into a shade-providing tree represents the magnitude of even the smallest 'seed' of faith.


Dandelion Seed

 Whimsical dandelion seeds capture those nostalgic, carefree moments as a kid, picking dandelions, blowing the seeds into the wind and making wishes:)
Symbolizing freedom, dandelion seeds can literally fly for miles, carried on the wind...

Terrarium Workshop tall_1_edited.jpg


A tiny world unto itself, a terrarium creates its own water cycle and becomes a miniature eco-system.
Large terrarium projects can be made or ordered locally from our storefront. Smaller DIY projects can be ordered on-line and shipped directly to you.


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