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Mustard seed necklace in sterling silver. The mustard seed necklace is a reminder that with "faith as a mustard seed", nothing is impossible. (Matthew 17:20) The tiny seed that, when planted, can grow into a tree represents the huge effect that even a small amount of faith can have in our world. This sterling necklace is a reminder of the power of that faith. lt is a wonderful keepsake to hand down to children (I still have the one that my mother gave me!), as a gift of encouragement, or to celebrate an answer to prayer A tiny glass globe contains one tiny mustard seed and is closed with a sterling silver cap. This is our smallest and daintiest mustard seed necklace.

Perfectly suited for a communion gift, for a youth, child, or someone of smaller stature, like me:) You can compare this 8mm globe to the larger 10mm globe in the picure shown below.

If you prefer the larger size, you can find it here; The 16" sterling silver chain is unusually pretty, dainty, and looks like it is made to hold something precious. Or you may request an 18" or 20" length.

Your necklace comes in an earth-colored box with the scripture card pictured below. It is finished with your choice of wrapping. Ships in 1-3 days.

Mustard seed necklace

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