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We create small worlds and living landscapes that bring a bit of calm, a bit of character to an inside space...


Whether in your own container, or in a glass find of our own, our terrariums can be created to be a unique and very personal gift (including small  figurines if you like), or we can create them to suit your own décor. Bring the beauty and serenity of an outdoor landscape to your desk or table ~ all with very little or no maintenance required. 


 An enclosed terrarium will create its own water cycle, enabling it to recycle its original store of water, and allowing its owner the freedom to enjoy it’s beauty without time-consuming maintenance or, in many cases, tending to it at all.


Boomdyada terrariums  are currently available at our store in downtown Canton, Ohio. At this time all custom terrariums are for local pick-up or delivery only. Check out our GALLERY below for design ideas.



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We'll make a terrarium to suit your occasion!


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