Terrarium Workshops

We have class options for all ages!

Workshops listed below will be held at our 


in downtown Canton



332 4th St. NW

Canton, OH 44702

if you have   4  or more people

 you may schedule a private class 

1 or 2 of you? Just pop in during business hours

and you can do most of our workshop projects

on the spot!


Give us a call;


to schedule your workshop.

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Succulent Terrarium Workshops


Cost  ~  $35-$45 per person 

Everything you need  to create your terrarium is provided, including;

~ glass terrarium/other seasonal container

~ a variety of succulent plants

~ soil, sand, yellow jasper, rocks for 'landscaping'

~ packaging (to get your creation safely home!)

~ instruction by Holly

In this workshop we will break out the tiny tools and actually plant an ivy and moss terrariums inside of wine, whisky, and other assorted re-purposed bottles! Yes, it t...
Feb. 15th ~ Wine Bottle Terrariums
Started Feb 15
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 Terrarium 1 Workshops




1/2 gallon size ~$45.00 per person ( all materials included)

Gallon size ~ $65.00 per person (all materials included)

 Learn to create a living, growing self-sustaining eco-system! 

All materials are provided; including; 

~1 glass terrarium with lid (as pictured)

~an assortment of plants and mosses

~figures to add (if that strikes your fancy!)

~packaging to get your creation safely home!

~instruction by Holly

create your own distinctive, original, living creation!

Coffee & tea are provided

Your own snacks & beverages are welcome!

Join us and spend a relaxing morning building something beautiful together! In this morning session you will build a 12" terrarium using a bird's nest, pinks, ferns, a l...
Bird's nests & Bell jars Workshop
Started Jul 11, 2019
In this workshop we will make lovely fall arrangements by planting live succulents on the top of medium-sized real pumpkins. After Thanksgiving, just slice your succulent...
Succulents & Pumpkins
Started Oct 12, 2019
In this workshop we will break out the tiny tools and actually plant an ivy and moss terrariums inside of wine, whisky, and other cool bottles! Yes, it takes a bit of pat...
Aug 24th ~ Wine & Whisky Bottles
Started Aug 24, 2019



We have lots of fun terrarium and aquarium projects for all ages

Pre-school age and up...

If you havev 4 or more people in your group,  you may schedule your own time during the week to  come in to the shop and make any of the terrariums or aquariums you see listed below. Projests change with the season, and there is always something new in the works!

These projects are perfect for birthday parties or home school outings, and we welcome refreshments and will help out with any fun and any theme that we can accomodate!

If you have 1-3  children or adults wanting to create something, you can usually just pop in! We are always set up to do something! It is always the best idea to give us a call & a heads up, though, so that we can be ready for you!



This project turns a 4" corked bottle into a tiny eco-system. Add your choicec of sand, sea shells, sea fan and Japanese Marimo moss balls to your uner water landsacape....
Marimo Aquarium
Started Jan 16, 2019
From Pre-schoolers to Elementary students, every one can make their own little world! Complete with a tiny figure to build around, plants, and moss, these little terrariu...
Kids Terrarium Workshop
30 min
This tiny terrarium is a ton of fun to create! Creation begins with layers of sand through a tiny funnel...once the sand art portion is finished, we add and position bit...
Sand & Moss Terrariums
10 min
Living, growing pets in a necklace! $10 each. Marimo necklaces are a unique and 'friendly' craft and party favor. Perfect for both boys & girls, and very popular with ad...
Marimo Necklaces
30 min
Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Choose a tea cup or mug and plant a one-of-a-kind live succulent arrangement. One-on-one instruction and all materials included!
Succulents in Teacups
Started Mar 30, 2019

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