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In honor of my mother,

who loved all things wild and beautiful:) 


She used to sing it all the time...


" I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills, I love the flowers, I love the daffodils, I love the fireside when all the lights are low...boomdyada, boomdyada, boomdyada, boomdyada..."


That's everything our shop is about! The love of all things beautiful ...the things God gave us that, if we quiet ourselves and breathe them in, bring us back to peace. We lose them so easily in this crazy whirlwind of a life we get caught up in.


Considering the fact that my very first terrarium was a sentimental pairing of an old antique bell jar of my Papa's and some flowers of my mother's. it seemed perfect.


That's where Boomdyada came from.


Boomdyada started in my home; Terrariums were made in a tiny shop in my basement. Jewelry made around the kitchen table. Finding little bits of nature to showcase either in a bauble or bottle or jar...I like to think that we give each one a spotlight to be seen and appreciated. when they otherwise might be completely unnoticed, or even be trodden under foot.

5 years later, I have a charming little storefront space of my own. I spotted it on my way home from jury duty, (some things are just meant to be) stopped to inquire, and 3 months later Boomdyada had a new home!


I have a little bit of help now, and we all plant terrariums and make jewelry with the prayer that they will bring beauty, peace and and lots of joy to wherever they find a home. 

 What we do... 
We create small worlds and living landscapes that bring a bit of nature, a bit of calm to an inside space...


Whether in your own container, or in a glass find of our own, our terrariums can be created to be a unique and very personal gift   (including small  figurines if you like), or we can create them to suit your own décor. Bring the beauty and serenity of an outdoor landscape to your desk or table; all with very little or no maintenance required 


 An enclosed terrarium will create its own water cycle, enabling it to recycle its original store of water, and allowing its owner the freedom to enjoy it’s beauty without time-consuming maintenance or, in many cases, tending to it at all.


 Boomdyada terrariums are currently available in our store in downtown Canton, Ohio.  We always have a few finished and ready to go. Or...stop by and bring us your ideas or a glass container, and we will dream up something fabulous  and tailored to you. 


 Enjoy being creative? Schedule a workshop and create your own terrarium! Come in by yourself, with a friend or two, or schedule a party for a larger group! We can accomodate up to 18 people in our Event Room, with room for food and beverages as well. We can accomodate 28 using both of our storefront spaces.


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