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Create lovely plant hangers and sculptures using colorful air plants and natural crystals.

Choose from natural and enhanced air plants in colors from lush green to vibrant pink and purple. Pair your plants with crystals such as Rose Quartz and Citrine and twist them to your heart's content...we'll show you how!

Air plants do not require soil or growing medium of any kind. They only need water, light and, of course, air! They can be 'perched' rather than potted, in fun and unusual places and are perfect for home or office decor. Come and discover the possibilities as we show you how to display and care for these unusual beauties!

The tables will be open all evening long for creating...

~ Come in anytime between 4-9 PM  during Canton's First Friday event on 3/1/2024
and create to your heart's content! 

No Appointment necessary.


~ Schedule an appointment for yourself or your group on another day to enjoy a private workshop session.  Appointments available  Tuesday - Saturday. Just give us a call to schedule your time.

*These projects take
 15-20 minutes and will be held at Boomdyada, 332 4th St. NW, Canton
Starting at $20 each project

Make it a Party!

Want to do a private workshop or party?
Gather your group of 2-28 people and call us to schedule a time.
LARGE WORKSHOPS run 1-2 hours

Starting at $25 per person

Call 330-704-2260 to schedule your time.


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