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Pumpkin Workshops flyer updated.jpg

Choose from an assortment of real pumpkins and live succulents,

add pine cones and moss,

and let the fun begin!!

$15 and up. 

Your options...

~ Come in anytime between 3-9 PM  during Canton's First Friday event on 9/1/2023
and make 'em up on the spot!

No Appointment necessary.


~ Schedule an appointment for yourself or your group on another day to enjoy a private workshop session.  Appointments available  Tuesday - Saturday. Just give us a call to schedule your time.

*This project takes 10-15 minutes and will be held at Boomdyada, 332 4th St. NW, Canton
Starting at $15 each project

Make it a Party!

Want to do a private workshop or party?
Gather your group of 2-28 people and call us to schedule a time.
LARGE WORKSHOPS run 1-2 hours

Starting at $25 per person

Call 330-704-2260 to schedule your time.


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