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Mustard seed necklaces in sterling silver. Set of 10 necklaces, individually boxed as shown.


 These mustard seed necklaces are a reminder that with "Faith as a Mustard seed", nothing is impossible" (Matthew 17:20). The tiny seed that, when planted, can grow into a tree represents the huge effect that the tiniest bit of faith can have in our world. These sterling necklaces are a reminder of the power of that faith. A wonderful keepsake to hand down to children ( I still have the one my mother gave me!), to send to a friend who needs encouragement, or to celebrate an answer to prayer:)


Each tiny glass globe contains one tiny mustard seed and is closed with a sterling silver cap. The sterling silver chains are unusually pretty; shiny, dainty and look like they are made to hold something precious. Select your choice of 16", 18" or 20" chains, or a mix. You may leave a note at check out designating specific chain quantities. If no selection is made, 18" chains will be used.


Each necklace is enclosed in a chocolate and  cream gift box with a metallic gold scripture card, as pictured.


 Usually ships in 2-5 days, depending on quantity and current stock. 

Mustard seed necklaces, bulk listing (set of 10)

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